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  • How do I get to Yakutat, Alaska?

    Everyday there are two full-sized commercial jet 737 flights by Alaska Airlines that land in Yakutat; Seattle-Yakutat AM flight & Anchorage-Yakutat PM flight.
  • Where can I catch Alaska Coho Salmon in Yakutat, Alaska?

    Accessible By Auto: Situk River - probably most populated fishing area choice. Access by car, then hiking river bank Tawah Creek/Lost River - can easily drive to & hike/fish the banks Accessible by our Motorized Skiffs: Anchou Tidal Area- At times, tide going up and down makes area seem like river is flowing upstream ! Shoreline coves - Alaska Coho love to gather at the mouth of small streams entering the ocean, waiting for their first chance to zoom up these waters to do the wild thing! Flyouts by Coastal Air Service - Check our their website Flyouts are a great option to enhance the Alaska coho fishing experience - For a groups up to 12 fishermen, you would be using their DeHavilland Otter, an excellent & dependable aircraft Often a group flying out in this manner has the entire river system to themselves. Rates vary, depending on distance from Yakutat. OK to pay by VISA. Yana, Akwe, East, Italio, & Tsui Rivers are some of the excellent destination alternatives.
  • How do I book an Alaska Fishing Trip with Yakutat’s Situk Inn?
    Call us at 907-784-3934 & ask for Rube or Mary Evens or send an email to us from the Yakutat’s Situk Website "Contact Us" page to discuss your needs and our calendar availability. Together we can book the dates that work best for you and your group.
  • Where can I catch sockeye salmon in Yakutat, Alaska?
    The Situk River is more like a large stream and comes from a glacial lake, Russell Lake. Spawning sockeyes (also called Reds) prefer a river that originates in a lake. The annual Situk River Sockeye run is consistent & plentiful. The sockeye average 5-8lbs. With no size restrictions, the current daily limit is 3; if the run is better than average, the AK Fish & Games may raise the limit to 6/day with a special announcement.
  • What fishing tackle can I use for Alaska coho salmon?

    Med-heavy Spin casting rod & reel, 12-15 lb test flourocarbon (less stretch, abrasion resistant) Option: Bait casting rod & reel Terminal gear: Vibrax #5 spinners or weighted maribou jigs
  • Is there cell phone service in Yakutat, Alaska area?

    Yes, an ATT service network. There is a land line in each lodge unit at Yakutat’s Situk Inn. We have WIFI available as well.
  • How do I purchase an Alaska Fishing License?

    You can buy & print licenses on-line , 7-day Non-resident Sport Fishing for $45. In the summer a small run of Kings will be in the Situk River. If the King Salmon season is opened for retention, they require a separate $45 King Salmon stamp.
  • What clothing do I need to fish in Yakutat Alaska?

    Average Summer Temperatures - Low 50’s, Highs mid to high 60’s. About 10 degrees cooler during fall Coho season. General Clothing Hints- can get chilly standing in cold river for a few hours. Key word is LAYERS. Stay away from cotton clothing which retains moisture. Bottom Half of Body: Polypropylene long underwear, pants Wader Liner - synthetic, fleece-type pants One or two more pant layers depending on your resistance to cold temps. Sock liners (2) , thin, synthetic socks that keep feet warmer by wicking away perspiration moisture from the skin surface to the next layer of socks. Socks - Thermal, wool or synthetic. Wear 1 or 2 pairs depending on your cold weather tolerance. Waders - Breathable, light-weight stockingfoot waders w/ boots are better for hiking around, but neoprenes are warmer in the water. Still, most people use the breathable. Be sure to buy oversized boots to accommodate thick socks. Upper Half of Body: Head - Baseball cap; woolen cap for warmth come in handy sometimes. Polypropylene long-sleeve underwear, pullover top Shirt or sweater, Synthetic, long sleeve pullover Shirt, Button front, long sleeve Rain Jacket- Frequency & intensity vary tremendously. Need a good, warm, (but not heavy) hooded rain jacket; shorter is better than longer b/c you don’t want it dragging in the river. Open tipped gloves - provides warmth, but allows for handling of fishing tackle. Optional - glove that has on/off fingertips.
  • How do I catch Situk River Sockeye Salmon?
    Sockeye Fishing Techniques: Using polarized sunglasses, position yourself in front of a pod of sockeyes. Adjust/pull enough line from the reel to allow your line/fly to “flip” outward past where the sockeyes are holding. Flip upstream beyond the sockeyes and as your fly drifts down to the fish, begin slowly sweeping rod tip low to the water in the downstream direction, drawing the line/fly through the fish. If you feel your fly contact a sockeye mouth, immediately lift rod tip straight up into the air into the fish-fighting position, rod butt in your gut. Reel up any line slack & hold on for an amazingly acrobatic sockeye fighting contest !! Below is link to Alaska Magazine article about catching sockeye:
  • What fishing tackle do I use for sockeye salmon?

    #8-#9 Flyrod: Even though sockeye are only 5-9 lbs, we need the heft to control this great fighting fish and then if you hookup with a 20# King, you’ll really need it! Flyreel: Most modern-day reels have built-in drag. Usually sized to match the rod weight. Flyline: Floating flyline w/ a 10 to 30ft of 30# fluorocarbon extension plus a 6 to 9ft - 20# fluorocarbon leader. Option: Med-heavy Spin casting rod & reel or bait casting rod & reel Terminal gear: Weighted or unweighted sparsely-tied streamer-style fly with strong 3X #6 or #8 hooks, split shot to take fly offering to the bottom
  • Do I need a fishing guide in Yakutat, Alaska?
    Guides are available locally but optional depending on your fishing skill level & physical hiking condition. Some of the prime fishing areas are accessible only with jet boats captained by excellent guides.
  • What self-guided fishing options does one have in Yakutat, Alaska?
    Yakutat’s Situk Inn has rental drift boats for floating the Situk River targeting steelhead, sockeye, & cohos. The drifting experience is phenomenal and is available to adventuresome fishermen with some basic drift boating instruction. Also available are motorized saltwater-worthy boats for rent to access the bays, coves, & coastline for coho, kings, & halibut.
  • Where is Yakutat, Alaska?
    Located between Anchorage & Juneau on the Gulf of Alaska Coast, Yakutat is beautifully remote but has most of the essential services that any visitor might need.
  • How can I take fish home?
    There is a local fish processing facility that will filet, quick-freeze, vacuum pack, & box your fish for a reasonable charge. Pick up your fish on your day of departure & check it in as additional baggage with Alaska Airlines.
  • How much cash do I need?
    Yakutat's Situk Inn will accept Cash, Venmo, Zelle, personal or business check for their services. Yakutat's grocery stores will accept cash or VISA. Local Liquor store charges a minimal fee for VISA transactions. Local Ace Hardware accepts cash or VISA for their extensive fishing tackle selections. Coastal Air Service accepts VISA payments. Halibut & River charters accept cash only.
  • What kind of fishing tackle for Coho Fly Fishermen?
    #8-#9 Flyrod: Coho range from 8-18 lbs. They provide great action with their heavier weight. Flyreel: Sealed Built-in drag would be very useful Flyline: Floating fly line w/ 10-15lb flurocarbon leader Flies: Topwater poppers for shallow water or weighted dumbbell streamer flies, articulated options are good.
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