Alaska River and Saltwater Fishing

The Yakutat Alaska area offers Alaska’s finest river & saltwater fishing without the high cost factor of more remote destinations. Each year we start our fishing season in mid-March for spring steelhead in the world-famous Situk River. The spring steelhead season extends through the end of May, during which, the saltwater fishing halibut & King salmon is phenomenal.


Around the 2nd week of June, the much-sought-after sockeye salmon & king salmon begin their trek up the Situk River as well as other rivers in the area. In early June, we can possibly have the crafty steelhead, powerhouse kings, & exciting sockeyes in the Situk River at the same time! Continuing through the end of July, sockeye & king salmon remains excellent while the saltwater fishing for halibut & salmon is stellar as well.

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Yakutat's Halibut Fishing 

Halibut fishing in Yakutat, Alaska area is unrivaled by any other portin all of Alaska. Yakutat, Alaska waters are teeming with black bass, lingcod, yelloweye, and other delicious species.

Have your fresh catch expertly fileted, vacuum-packed, and hard-frozen for the trip home for a very reasonable cost.

During the month of August, in the Yakutat area’s rivers, we have an exciting variety of fish - sockeyes (reds), pinks (humpies), Dolly Vardens, rainbow trout, & later in the month, silvers (cohos).

Yakutat World-famous

Fall Cohos & Steelhead

By September 1st, the silvers have flooded the rivers of the Yakutat area. The different freshwater & saltwater locations available to catch this aggressive fish at times seem endless.


You’ve no doubt heard the stories of silvers in the drainage ditches - it’s TRUE! Our fishing guides are extremely busy entertaining our guests with the incredible numbers of silvers, eventually tapering off by the 2nd week of October.


Then, by mid-October, winter steelhead are arriving in the Situk River. For steelhead enthusiasts, this is a special opportunity to hook their personal best chromer. Depending on the weather, we book trips until around Thanksgiving.

bob fraker

Bob Fraker

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Frank Deveroux

Guided Fishing:


On the Situk & Ahnklin rivers, we have two river guides with over sixty years of combined experience - Bob Fraker & Frank Deveroux. With the area’s only boats with jet motors, they can take you to the hot spots.


Bob & Frank arguably provide the the #1 premium steelhead fishing experience in Alaska and, indeed, the world.


Unguided Fishing:


Rube & Mary have both drift boats for floating the river as well as motorized boats available for rent.

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